About Me

     My name is Van Carter, I was born in Carlisle, Pa, Dec 5, 1946. I enlisted in the Air Force Mat 9, 1966, went to Amarillo, Tex for basic training. Then to Sheppard AFB, Wichita Falls, Tex for tech school in aircraft maintenance, the off to my first duty assignment at Kelley AFB, San Antonio, Tex with the 10th Aeromed Airlift Sq(Aerovac). On Dec 20, 1967 left Miami in a C-47, I was the flight engineer, that we ferried to Vietnam, arriving Jan 9, 1968 at Nah Trang AB, RVN, assigned to the 4th Air Commando Sq. Shipped out to Bien Hoa AB, RVN (III Corps) with the 14th Air Commando Sq. In April 1968 unit was changed to the 3rd Air Commando Sq and in July 1968 the Air Commando was changed to Special Operations. I flew my final mission on Dec 13, 1968, with around two hours left in the mission we went to a target around Cu Chi, the FAC had marked the target and we were rolling in when we got hit, we limped towards Bien Hoa and attempted to land and crashed trying. I left Vietnam on Dec 19, 1968. My next assignment was at Scott AFB, Belleville, Ill. I was involved in an automobile accident on Oct 4, 1969 and got out of the Air Force March 27, 1970 after almost six months in the hospital.

     After trying different jobs and back to college I left Pennsylvania for sunny Florida. Again I tried different jobs and went back to school, plus moved around Florida, in in Sept 1972 after marring my first wife I settled into a job I enjoyed, I became a paid firefighter in Lee County Fla, settling  in one place was not to happen until I got to Venice, Fla with my second wife. I retired form the fire department in Oct 1996. Now I work around the house and ride my motorcycle.

     I have three daughters and four grandchildren, I enjoy traveling and do so as much as possible.

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